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Humans Undergoing Breakthrough

with Jackie Ambrow, MA, CHt

and Xochitl T. Suriano Ambrow

Mother-Daughter Breakthrough Team 


Want to Transform the World by Practicing Anthropology? Hire Yourself.

Author/Presenter:  Jackie Ambrow, MA, CHt, Transformation Roadtrip LLC  (Masters in Anthropology, University of Missouri-Columbia)

Paper Presented at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology || Career Transitions and Learning (Business TIG) on Wed, March 23, 2022, 1:30-3:15 Local time (Salt Lake City, UT, US)

Abstract:   What happens when, instead of looking for employment, anthropologists look for challenges just waiting to be solved? Opportunities abound where need and passion meet. I went from graduate student-divorced mother to anthropologist-entrepreneur, two-decade owner of a language services company, to certified hypnotherapist, now creating courses, collaborations and solutions for sustainable success, health and happiness for individuals, businesses and organizations. I will discuss how you can leverage your talents and expertise, take risks, collaborate, and deliver solutions while making your living. You really can...

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Just What is an Applied Hypnotherapeutic Anthropologist Anyway?

Q:  What do you get when you cross an applied anthropologist with a certified hypnotherapist?

A:  An archaeologist who can make you cluck like a chicken?    

Before I can give you a more serious answer, let's begin with, What's in it for you? and Why should you care?  

The answers to those questions have to do with helping you get unstuck, reclaim your power, and make a difference in your world.  While I can't promise you all that in one blog article, I can tell you why you might want to help me help you, or help me help someone you know. 

First things first. I’ve been an Applied Anthropologist longer than I’ve been a Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced EFT Practitioner. About 13 years longer, more or less, a lucky number really.  It's an odd number and also prime, which seems fitting mostly because I like puns.  It’s a prime combination, despite being odd.  Now...

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Why Do We Call Ourselves "Joy Gypsies"?

If "gypsies" is a derogatory label for a minority group, why do we use it? 

The word "gypsies" has long been used as a disparaging term for the Roma/ Romani/ Romany people, also called "Traveling People," "Tinkers" and many other names. The Roma were mistakenly believed to have come from Egypt, and "gypsies" was slang for dark-haired, dark-skinned people from Egypt.  Genetic, linguistic and cultural evidence shows they probably arose from the Indian subcontinent in the first and second centuries A.D.

As a minority group pretty much wherever they've gone, Roma have endured centuries of oppression and marginalization.  Roma are a culturally diverse, vibrant and proud people and still live across Central and Eastern Europe.  Some Romani groups have settled down in communities and others still travel as their preferred lifestyle. 

You might wonder, why do we call ourselves a pejorative term for an ethnic minority?  Isn't...

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"I'll NEVER Do That Again!"

How many times have you said this to yourself: "I'll never do that again!"

Did you follow that by giving yourself "a good talking to" and/or by depriving yourself of something you wanted as a "consequence" to make sure you never make that mistake again?

Have you heard anyone else say something like that to themselves? Or have you ever told someone else they'd better not make that mistake again? Or punished someone for their mistake? Maybe slammed a door or yelled at them or gave them the silent treatment perhaps? Fired them?

Did any of that really work? Or did that mistake or something similar happen again later, despite your (or their) best efforts?

Why is that? Is it just unwillingness to learn from the mistake, or rebelliousness? Or what?

What if the "common sense" approach to dealing with mistakes is all wrong?

Many people grow up believing things like:

  1. It's bad to make mistakes. (Go down a notch in self-esteem if you do.)
  2. Bad things happen when/if we make mistakes. (Watch...
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Your Power to Dispel the Darkness and Drive Out Hate

On the third Monday of January, it’s kinda hard to miss all the reminders that it’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. No doubt you've heard his "I Have a Dream" speech and read his writings now and then over the years.

After the events of January 6th, not quite two weeks ago now, you may be wondering how in the world we can unite our nation and conquer so much fear and hate with love. 

Just what can one person do?

Dr. King had an answer for that: 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr. A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches 

Dr. King pointed the way, and it is up to us to figure out how to use light and love to make the dream our reality. 

Dr. King's love is not a weak, doormat kind of love.

It's a love that is fierce in its kindness and strong in its pursuit of equity and justice. It's a love based on...

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You Can Save Democracy

Today, January 6, 2021, a mob broke into the halls of Congress

and committed violent trespass while our elected representatives were processing the Electoral College votes.

Today’s events did not just happen in a vacuum.

For a mob to rise up, there must be provocation, regardless of whether it be real, perceived or imagined. There must be extreme grievance, usually for an extended period of time. There must be a perception that there is little alternative to be heard other than to rise up. Peaceful protests become mob riots only when the conditions are ripe.

We can debate who is to blame, who is responsible for what and who should be tried and punished. No doubt that will all happen soon enough.

It is time to face certain truths:

1. Democracy is a shared agreement, a context for our relationships with each other. We do not construct democracy alone. It is something we must do together, actively, not just once, but day after day after day.

2. Democracies survive when they...

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Swimming with Sharks: How to Deal with a Bully

No doubt you’ve known at least one bully in your life.

Sometimes you can see them for what they are in the moment, and sometimes you don’t realize what they are until you’re licking your wounds. 

I’ve dealt with my share of bullies in my life, and here's what I've learned.

Whether you're the target of a bully or a bystander who wants to be an ally: 

1. Don't take anything personally that a bully says. A bully gets the pleasure of power over you by triggering you and making you feel bad about yourself. Remember that the bully's attitude, words and actions say far more about them than they do about you.

2. Be careful how you assign responsibility for what’s happening. A bully will blame you for their own aggression as if you “made” them behave/think/feel that way. Don’t fall for it. When they succeed in making you examine all the fuzz in your navel for what’s “wrong” with you, they’ve deflected all...

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How Negative Emotions Can Help You

Frankly, this is a great time to examine our own fears and insecurities. Maybe that's not a topic you want to read about just now. But hang with me for a moment.

What if emotions like fear and anxiety have vital functions for our minds?

Karla McClaren, a researcher on emotions, has looked at the role that "negative" emotions play in our ability to think and make choices. She's concluded something that you may find very useful: emotion is part of our cognition, and each so-called "negative" emotion helps pose a valuable question for us. If we look at the answers to those questions, we gain power, choice and freedom.

  1. Anxiety asks: How do I need to prepare for this situation? Answering that question gives you the power to choose what you do and gives you back some control over the future. That's useful!
  2. Fear asks: What are the risks? What do I need to do to protect myself (or others)? The answers will give you more power, choice and a greater degree of freedom to respond.
  3. Anger asks:...
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Pandemic Update: What to Eat, What to Take, Cloth Masks & Getting from "Sick Care" to "Health Care"

covid-19 health Aug 10, 2020

Pandemic Update: What to Eat, What to Take, Cloth Masks & Getting from "Sick Care" to "Health Care"

Recorded July 18, 2020 - Uploaded August 10, 2020

We interviewed Dr. Dana K. Wicks, MD on July 18, 2020 for an update on what we can all do to survive the Covid-19 Pandemic. Dr. Wicks covered a lot of ground on actions we can all take today. In this full-length interview, she gives you practical advice on:

  • What supplements to take and why
  • What medications you should have on hand in case you get sick
  • What to do if someone gets sick in your household
  • What you can do to make a difference and change the system
  • Why you want to wear a mask and how much good does it really do
  • How you can do to design your own mask, based on her physician’s designs
  • Why we need to move from a “sick care” system to a real health care system
  • How to get the attention of your legislators and representatives and make the world a better place

Watch our interview with Dr. Wicks on YouTube here...

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Money Mystic Janine Bolon Speaks Out During COVID-19 Pandemic

Joy Gypsies TV Interview Janine Bolon, Financial First Responder and Money Mystic

Recorded May 15, 2020 - Uploaded May 22, 2020

If you're wondering how to survive the pandemic, financially, spiritually and maybe both at the same time, you're in for a treat! Janine Bolon is no ordinary mystic, scientist, or financial guru. She's a Money Mystic and Financial First Responder, out to help you not just survive but thrive, giving your gifts to the world, while being financially healthy too.

This is our first interview with Janine, and she'll be a regular featured guest on our channel. She's a good friend of ours, our spiritual colleague, and a scholar that successfully found Truth from her inner & outer landscapes. Being a practical mystic, she guides others to financial stability & freedom, including us Joy Gypsies!

Watch the interview on our YouTube channel, Joy Gypsies TV here:

Just for being part of the Joy Gypsies community, you can access her special offers for Joy...

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