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Your prosperity can take many forms, and not all of it comes from money. However, your financial health and wealth can help support your overall well-being and impact. 

When you know where you're starting from in your financial wealth, you can map out where you want to go.  Wherever you are now, you can get there from here, wherever "there" is for you.  No matter where you are, a practical truth is:

You can live and give more powerfully from your excess than you can from scarcity and lack.

You can start by deprogramming yourself around what keeps you at your current wealth level.  Learn how you can go from "renting your life" and "earning to spend" to owning your life and building wealth for yourself, your family and future generations.  Let us help you do it!

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What's Your Relationship with Money?

When you see the money in these images, how do you feel?  Do you feel good?  Peaceful?  Or do you feel unhappy, like there's not enough, even scared or upset?  No judgments here; just notice how you feel.  

Money is an energy of exchange and wealth is like a battery, a reservoir of that energy. Money and wealth allow you to live and give more powerfully.

Every Dollar is good Energy. 

—Ibtisam Barakat

When you have more than enough, you can give from a place of sufficiency and excess instead of lack and scarcity.

Your relationship with money is reflected in your present life and in the ways you use and share your wealth. To "give from your excess" means to know when you have enough. 

Are you the kind of steward you want to be with the energy of money and your reservoir of wealth? 

If not, we help humans just like you create breakthroughs in wealth and money.

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Wealth is

Not Just for Rich People

Here at Positively H.U.B., we believe that money is an energy that belongs to everyone.  If you and your family have never had a lot of money, or you've had money but constantly worry about losing it or not having enough, we want you to know something as you're reading this:

No matter what things look like for you right now, you have the ability to prosper and even generate financial wealth: 
  • You have the ability to become open and receptive to prospering ideas.
  • You can develop the mindset, skills and competence to take inspired action on those prospering ideas.
  • You can notice the next step that's right for you and take it now, even if it's small.
  • When you do, the next step will appear. Take the next step and again the following one will also appear. Rinse and repeat.

Pretty soon, you'll have the resources to use your unique genius to make all the difference in your world and be who you came here to be.

Don't let your past dictate what's possible for your future. 

The best predictor of your future isn't your past. The best predictor of your future is what you choose to do in your present.

Money loves speed.  Right now is the best time to book your free WEALTH Breakthrough Discovery Call:

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Where are You on Your Wealth Journey?

The first step to creating your next wealth breakthrough is to take stock of where you are right now.  We can help you even if you don't know where to start.  Which one of these four situations describes you best?

You're in a Job

Are you a W-2 employee with a J.O.B.? Or even between jobs? Chances are you're also "Just Over Broke"! Your money comes in and you have to spend it to live. Worse yet, you may have more month at the end of your money, even with a side hustle. You might be "earning a living" but in reality you're just "renting your life" from your employer. We can help you find your way through to greater prosperity. 

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You Want to Be Your Own Boss

You're tired of renting your life and not getting ahead. But going into business is so risky! 9 out of 10 businesses fail, so what do you do? You talk with us first. We're trained to help you figure out whether: you should be in business for yourself; in business for yourself but not by yourself; or happily remain an employee in your chosen career. You have options!

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You're a Business Owner 

You understand the benefits of business ownership. Still, it's often hard to work less IN your business than ON it, even though you know you should. While you're generating income with your business, you may not be generating wealth, and there IS a difference! We can help you harness your entrepreneurial spirit and discover ways to truly build wealth, at last. 

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You're an Investor

You're looking for ways to increase your yields. You might be tired of the 6% returns on your investments while the banks regularly make 20%-24% returns on theirs, at your expense. But you don't want the headaches of running a business yourself. We can help you collaborate with a business owner who needs your help, so you both can win. 

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Let Us Help You Create Your Next Wealth Breakthrough

You can become a prosperous steward of your money and build a legacy of wealth for future generations. 

You deserve a 360-degree, holistic approach to helping you along your wealth journey, starting right where you are. We can help you:

  • Develop your money mindset and release limiting beliefs around wealth
  • Dream again (or for the first time) and get the tools you need to reduce and manage the distractions that steal dreams
  • Assess your present financial situation in detail so you know exactly where to begin making the changes you need for success
  • Identify how entrepreneurial you are and what motivates you as a real or potential business leader
  • Name and narrow down your options for moving into the next stage of your wealth journey
  • Create a strategic business ownership plan and a path to get there
  • Strengthen your business ownership skills and help you grow
  • Apply Advance Market Strategies to your business to improve your bottom line, and
  • Strategize with you in tangible, practical ways to help you build wealth through strategic business ownership.

Are you open to business? Already in business? We can help you:

  • Start your own business (or just a "side hustle" to begin your self-employment journey)
  • Qualify to own a franchise so you're in business for yourself but not by yourself
  • Grow your existing business or franchise and position yourself for strategic business ownership
  • Develop your existing business into a franchise system so you can build wealth collaboratively with your brand, your system and your training
  • Refresh your existing franchise system so you can sell more franchise units, or
  • Learn how to invest as a partner in business without having to run the business yourself, for a much higher return on your investment than other more traditional investments.

Your business needs to fit your life, your dreams and your needs to build generational wealth, not just create income to spend.

We know business and how to change your money mindset, habits and behavior around wealth.

Let us help you with yours.

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We're Experts Who Have Experts

As we get to know you and your dreams, we can help you achieve them. But since we don't know everything, we collaborate with our mentor Dr. Robert A. Needham and his team at Collaborative Franchise Systems (CFS).  They're nationally known franchising experts, and Dr. Needham is internationally known for innovative strategies in business, Advance Markets and wealth-building.

Let's take your thorniest wealth-building challenges and turn them into opportunities. As our CFS Team gift to you, download your free e-book by Dr. Needham below.

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Wherever you are in your wealth journey, you can retrain your brain around money and wealth for more success. Get your free gift from our mentor Dr. Robert A. Needham, Solving the Puzzle of Owning a Franchise. 

Don't let that title fool you. It's not just a book about owning a franchise. It's decades of wisdom gathered from a lifetime of helping people succeed in business and in life. 

Dr. Needham is a business and franchising industry expert, the economic thought leader who coined the term Sharing Capitalism™, author of 23 books, and literally a former rocket scientist who brings things down to earth for the rest of us around dreams and wealth.

This one book will help you retrain your brain around money myths and dream stoppers so you can finally build wealth and thrive.

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