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Are you into franchising yet?

You can build legacy wealth through strategic business ownership

We're not in the franchising industry just to help you replace your income from your job or turn your business into a franchise hoping it might bring in more income. 

We're experts in franchise and business advisory. We don't just sell franchises.

We help people like you earn higher returns from investment-grade businesses and franchise systems so you can build significant wealth.

Whether you're someone aspiring to self-employment, or already a business owner, franchisor, franchisee, or investor, or even an inventor wanting to take your idea to market, we have you covered with proprietary methods and services to help you build wealth through strategic ownership.

A great place to start is with Dr. Robert A. Needham's book, Solving the Puzzle of Owning a Franchise.  Download it for free by clicking the button below. 

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You can franchise your way to wealth, and

Collaboration is Your Key:

You can unlock Generations of New Possibilities 

Are you ready to create your legacy built on your unique values, character, and wealth? You know that going it alone won't cut it. Collaboration is replacing the old concept of competition, and successful people know the secret of wealth creation through collaboration.

Here at Positively H.U.B., we're your trusted collaborative partners, ready to help you achieve success and build wealth through strategic business ownership.

We're not your typical team of salespeople, coaches, consultants, advisors, and business support specialists. We use practical, proprietary methods, strategies and analysis to help you achieve your goals. 

We're passionate about helping you break through your limitations and achieve your goals for success and generational wealth, whatever your starting point and whatever your business ownership path. 

But we don't stop there. When you partner with us, you'll have access to the whole team at Collaborative Franchise Systems.  You get the benefit of their combined expertise as well as ours.

Dare to dream what you can accomplish with generational wealth. 

Book your Free Breakthrough Discovery Call today and discover how collaboration can unlock new possibilities for you and your loved ones.

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Franchise Your Way to Wealth

Recipes Featuring: Collaboration

With wholesome ingredients and the right preparation, you'll be able to serve up tasty wealth-building opportunities not only for yourself and your family but delicious new possibilities for all of your collaborative partners. 

1. Gather Your Ingredients for Successful Franchising Collaborations
  1. Franchisor - A successful business owner with a great brand, a proven business system and the ability to lead, train and support others to succeed by duplicating it. The Franchisor's new business structure is called a...
  2. Franchise or Franchise System - The brand, business system and training support that the Franchisor sets up so other people (# 3) can make money being in business for themselves but not by themselves. Those people are called...
  3. Franchisees - Collaborative partners who must qualify to buy into the Franchise. They help the Franchise grow beyond and/or faster than the Franchisor could grow it alone. They own and operate or oversee a...
  4. Franchise Unit - A fixed location or a mobile unit owned and operated by the Franchisee in a defined territory where they can provide services or sell products for their franchise. The Franchisee and the Franchisor both must sign their...
  5. Franchise Agreement - The legal agreement between the Franchisor and the Franchisee on how the collaboration will work. A few important details include the initial franchise fee, the length of the franchise term, the exact territory of the franchise unit, and the...
  6. Royalty - An ongoing fee that Franchisees pay to use the Franchise's brand and business system and to receive ongoing training and support. A great franchise is one that offers the Franchisee high value and healthy profit in exchange for the royalty the Franchisor receives. 
  7. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) - The document that the Federal Trade Commission requires of every franchise. Your state may have additional regulations. The FDD includes the Franchise Agreement and much more to protect both the Franchisor and prospective Franchisees. 
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2. Mix in Your Certified Franchise Advisors for Your Recipe's Success

When you add us as your Certified Franchise Advisors, you get expert guidance and support for your success and prosperity, wherever you fit in the franchising collaboration. 

We help:

  • Business owners with Franchise Development to turn their existing business into a franchise. They become Franchisors who can grow their business and their wealth faster and beyond what they could do alone. 
  • Existing Franchisors who may use a Franchise Refresh to position their franchise to grow, especially when they're stuck at 10 or less franchise units sold, and that's a pickle in which a majority of Franchisors find themselves.  
  • Prospective Franchise Buyers with Coaching, Consulting and Brokerage Services so they buy a franchise that will be right for them and serve their dreams and goals. We also help them qualify to buy because you can't just go buy a franchise: you have to qualify to own one. 
  • Franchisees with Success Optimization so they can grow sales and maximize profits from their franchise investment. We also specialize in helping Franchisees position themselves to own multiple franchise units with innovative strategies for success and wealth. 
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3. Invite Investors (Optional)

Investors and Business Owners both can benefit from our services as we show them how investors can earn great returns by partnering with business owners whose business just needs more cash and maybe a little extra wisdom from the investor to grow. Our innovative strategies allow investors and business owners to collaborate and reshape their relationship over time for mutual benefit as the business and profits grow. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how a collaborative arrangement like this can generate wealth for both. 

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Now that you have the recipe overview for how to Franchise Your Way to Wealth, you're ready to learn more about we can help you succeed. 

Let's prepare you for franchising success and serve up wealth for all involved!


We¬†Deliver ūüöĖ

Franchise Services

Sure, we can serve you up a franchise to buy or sell.  

But why end the menu there?

Okay, enough with the restaurant business metaphors.

The point is we're different. We're not like some franchise brokers and consultants just out to make a buck. Your long-term success is how we measure our success. 

After all, you're putting your life savings on the line.

We really get that. And that's why:

Our code of ethics as Certified Franchise Advisors (CFAs) requires us to do you no harm, and we strive to do you only good.

Below are just some of the ways we can help you.

Start a Business

We can help you:
  • Figure out what kind of business will fit you, your life, your leadership style, your preferred work habits, and your dreams.
  • Analyze how financially prepared you¬†are to be self-employed, and if you're not yet, what you need to do to be ready.
  • Choose¬†whether to create¬†a new business¬†or buy a franchise so you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself.¬†
  • Develop what you need to open your business: your service or product niche, value proposition, market strategy, branding, projected cash flow, financing options, and more.¬†
  • Launch and run your business for success with ongoing support, analysis and strategies as you adjust to changing market conditions.
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Buy and Grow ūüĆ≥ Your Franchise Unit(s)

We can help you:
  • Find franchise options that fit you, your life and your income and wealth-building goals and know which franchises are best for you.¬†
  • Qualify to buy a franchise that's right for you (because you can't just buy a franchise, you have to qualify with the Franchisor to own it).
  • Grow your new franchise business so you can position yourself for success and future wealth.¬†
  • Prepare you to build wealth through strategic business ownership¬†so you'll be ready for more.¬†You can find more details on that below.
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Franchise Your Existing Business

We can help you:
  • Analyze¬†your business to determine if it's ready to become a franchise and, if not, help you prepare it for future franchising.
  • Develop¬†your business into a franchise with:
    • A strong brand.
    • A duplicatable business system.
    • Training and support for the people who buy your franchise units, your franchisees who will invest as¬†your new collaborative partners for wealth.¬†
  • Set up¬†your franchise documents, systems, and all aspects of successful franchise development.¬†
  • Launch and grow your new franchise system¬†through a full range of services.¬†See "Manage and Grow Your Franchise System".
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Refresh Your Franchise

Have you sold 10 or fewer franchise units? Of the 4,000 franchise brands in the US, 3,000 are stuck there with you.

We can help you:

  • Refresh your existing franchise.
  • Sell more franchise units.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at what our innovative analyses, strategies and approaches can do for your franchise investment. It all starts with a Free Discovery Call. Book yours today!

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Manage and Grow Your Franchise System

Choose what you want and need from our menu of Franchising Support: 
  • Analysis and Advance Market Strategies
  • Brand Management
  • Franchise Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations Optimization
  • Vendors/Suppliers
  • Virtual Home Office so you can focus on growing your franchise rather than administering it.¬†
Got a 'short order' not on the menu? Just ask us about what you need!  You'll find that we are very resourceful. 
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Area Developer Support

Owning a franchise doesn't mean you have to do it all by yourself.

We can help you with all the items mentioned on our page here, plus-sized to serve your operation. 

You've taken on Area Developer-sized responsibilities. Now let us help you reap the rewards for your investments. 

If you're not an Area Developer yet and would like to be, let us introduce you to some great opportunities! 
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Build Wealth through Strategic Business Ownership

Wealthy people know you need an economic engine and one business alone rarely generates legacy wealth. You need to create multiple revenue streams.

We can help you:

  • Invest in multiple business units (franchise or not) so that you capture more sales in a given market and add market share to your business or franchise.¬†
  • Invest as a partner in a business without having to run the business yourself for a much higher return on your investment than other more traditional investments.
  • Our strategies for building wealth through multiple business ownership are¬†proven innovations that help real people escape economic slavery. Let us show you how.¬†
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Whether Your Business is a

Franchise or Not

Get the Business Help You Need Today

We want to help you create the serial breakthroughs you need to achieve your dreams.¬†Whatever your starting point, your needs, or your budget‚ÄĒwhether side hustle,¬†startup, standalone¬†business, or franchise‚ÄĒwe've got you covered on your path to building wealth. Check out some¬†of our service options below.


We help you:

  • Analyze your current business, personal and financial situation
  • Create goals and make a plan to achieve them and
  • Hold yourself accountable to your dreams, starting from wherever you are in your journey, so you can get there.

Single sessions and packages are available. 

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We provide your business with outside experts to fulfill roles or functions that your current team lacks.

Want that expertise to become part of your team? We'll help you find a professional who will be a great fit. 

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We provide expert and uncommon insights, proprietary analysis and innovative strategies to help you succeed in business and in building wealth.

You don't get just us—we're backed by Dr. Robert A. Needham and the collaborative team of subject matter experts at Collaborative Franchise Systems LLC.

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Business Support Services 

We help you with nearly any kind of support your business needs: from financial analysis, to marketing and sales, to human resources, to business operations, and more.

We can even serve you with a Virtual Home Office for your office support needs so you can focus on delivering your genius instead of administering it. 

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One Simple Reason You Want Certified Franchise Advisors (CFAs) at Your Table:


As CFAs, we're experts with integrity in business and in the franchising industry. When you need someone who both knows what they're doing and serves your best interests, choose a Certified Franchise Advisor to get the job done. 

Exceptionally Well Trained

We're trained through and certified by the National Franchise Association, the most rigorous training available for people serving the franchising industry.  

In our case, we're personally trained and mentored by Dr. Robert A. Needham, who is a leading expert in the franchising industry and serves as NFA's Director of Education and Strategy.

Dr. Robert A. Needham developed this course exclusively for NFA and taught it live to our small group of team members from his firm, Collaborative Franchise Systems.

Dr. Needham developed the NFA's Certified Franchise Advisor (CFA) certification program under Instructional Systems Design (ISD) standards. As a former NASA rocket scientist who worked in the space shuttle program, he believes that accuracy, depth of knowledge and skill matter.

CFA Code of Ethics

As Certified Franchise Advisors, we uphold the CFA Code of Ethics, the highest professional standards in the franchising industry. We seek to do good and do no harm to any party we serve, regardless of who pays us, and to be truthful, honest and trustworthy in working with you. 

When you work with a CFA, you're in good hands.

Serving Both Franchise Buyers and Sellers

As Certified Franchise Advisors, we are well trained in analysis, strategy, marketing, and ethical representation of both Buyers and Sellers in the marketplace.

Our goal is for everyone to win, together.

No matter who pays us, we're bringing the best we have to the table for everyone. 

Your Trusted Advisors

As Certified Franchise Advisors, we're trained to advise Franchisors on financial and market analysis, home office operations, franchise marketing and sales, and other business strategies for success and building wealth.  

We also coach, consult for and advise Franchisees on how to successfully operate a franchise unit, increase sales and profits, and position themselves to buy and operate multiple business units to grow their wealth. 

When Area Developers bring us on as collaborative partners, we can help them find qualified franchisees to add more franchise units to their territory and help them support franchisees for mutual success. 

Whatever your role, we've got you.

Proprietary Methods and Analysis

As Certified Franchise Advisors, we're trained to apply proprietary modeling and methods in our analysis and strategies to help Franchisors, Franchisees, other business owners and investors succeed.   

We know how to develop existing businesses into franchisors that are competitively priced and targeted with a ‚Äústory‚ÄĚ that motivates franchise buyers even in the earliest¬†phases of being a Franchisor.

As CFAs we also specialize in validation of business concepts and franchise opportunities using proven, time-tested business techniques and analyses. 

Our proprietary methods come from the innovative genius of our mentor and trainer Dr. Robert A. Needham, who is a leading expert in the franchising industry. He also holds a law degree and PhD in Business Administration. He is a mathematician, computer science guy, economist, author of 23 books. You may really enjoy this book by Dr. Needham: 

Escaping Economic Slavery: A Journey from Scarcity to Abundance through Sharing Capitalism

NFA National Franchise Association - Unify - Empower - Succeed Logo

Your Collaborative Partners in Franchising

While we partner with the expert team at Collaborative Franchise Systems, we're also members of the National Franchise Association, a supportive and collaborative network of industry professionals.

If we personally don't have a specific expertise or the hours our client deserves, we're people who've got people qualified to help do the job. 

Franchise Notice



Consult with Licensed Professionals

Certified Franchise Advisors (CFAs) do not give legal, accounting or financial securities advice unless also licensed in the relevant profession. Although we (Jackie and Xochitl) are both CFAs, neither one of us is a licensed professional. 

We strongly urge you to seek the advice of licensed professionals as part of your due diligence. If you wish, we will be happy to make referrals to licensed professionals. 

We do not raise capital for any client. We do however make referrals to licensed professionals if requested.

Certified Franchise Advisor (CFA) - National Franchise Association certification logo

You Too Can Become a CFA

Get equipped to launch a whole new career or supercharge your existing career in franchising.

Contact us today so we can introduce you to the CFA Training Course through the National Franchise Association.
Ask about available payment plans. 
Contact us

What's a Certified Franchise Advisor?

A Certified Franchise Advisor (CFA) is a professional who has received certification from a recognized organization, such as National Franchise Alliance (NFA) in the franchise industry. CFAs have completed a training program and passed an exam to demonstrate their expertise in franchise-related topics such as franchise laws, franchise selection and evaluation, franchise operations and management, franchise strategy, franchisor development and franchise financing.

The role of a CFA is to provide unbiased and professional advice to individuals and businesses who want to invest in, develop, or refresh a franchise business. CFAs help clients understand the franchise model, evaluate franchise opportunities, increase franchise success, and make informed decisions about franchise ownership. CFAs also act as an intermediary between the franchisor and the franchisee, providing guidance and support throughout the entire franchise process. A CFA can provide you with coaching, consulting and strategicadvisory in all areas of your franchise business.

A CFA on your team can benefit you and your business. Using their comprehensive understanding of the franchise industry, a CFA can help you navigate the complex process of choosing, investing, developing and growing your franchise business.

CFAs are trained in all aspects of business operations and strategy, not just franchising. A CFA can also help you achieve your dreams through strategic business ownership, from choosing your business vehicle to developing your business idea, creating your startup, and growing your existing business. 

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