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Got Humans?

Then you already know that anytime people are involved, sooner or later they'll find a way to get stuck and they'll need a breakthrough to get unstuck.

Get Help from Applied Sciences 

Do you own a business or lead an organization that has some stubborn challenges involving humans? Wish you had practical solutions that can pry your humans away from "analysis paralysis" and give you and your team real results?

When you want to achieve breakthrough results with your team, customers, market, and/or community, you're in the right place.

Simply put, I help you solve challenges involving humans, wherever those occur for you and your organization. For example, I can help you: 

  • Identify hidden, even subconscious, patterns that keep you and other¬†humans stuck so you can get unstuck.
  • Understand, predict and manage subconscious motivation and behavior so you can create more collaborative wins.
  • Work with you to create¬†step by step practical solutions so you can get the results you want and need.

You and your organization will benefit from the rare combination of my expertise: I'm an Applied Anthropologist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Business Consultant, and Certified Franchise Advisor. 

To ensure you get the best possible results, I also draw in other subject matter experts as needed for a collaborative approach to creating the breakthroughs you need.

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Benefits For You And Your Team

We're all about:
Health | Wealth | Relationships | Impact

We offer 360 degrees of assistance and help you solve your most puzzling challenges. If we don't have answers, we'll help you find them. 

The chief benefit of working with us is that we help you with what you didn't know that you didn't know. 

Plus you'll get:

  • Actionable Insights
  • Innovative Strategies
  • Practical Solutions
  • Increased Sharing, Collaboration and Teamwork with Reduced "Drama"
  • Positive Shifts in Your Organization's Paradigm and Culture
  • Win-Win Relationships with Your Stakeholders
  • Fast RESULTS that Last for Your Bottom Line
  • Backed by our mentor Dr. Robert A. Needham and his team of experts at Collaborative Franchise Systems LLC.

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Choose Your Level Of Service

We understand that everyone's needs and starting point are different. That's why we offer a variety of levels of service to fit your needs and budget.  

Your available menu includes:

  • Coaching as a one-off session or a package.
  • Consulting where we will assist you with fulfilling specific service needs within your business or organization and discovering where your organization needs help to thrive.
  • Advising¬†on everything from advanced market strategies, personnel and organizational culture issues, marketing and branding to finances, and connecting you with licensed experts in accounting, insurance, legal and investments.¬†
  • We're problem solvers and we know how to win through collaboration.¬†As an example, for business challenges, we're backed by Dr. Robert A. Needham and his team of experts at Collaborative Franchise Systems LLC.¬†We don't claim to have all the answers. We just make sure we know people who do.¬†

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