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Money Mystic Janine Bolon Speaks Out During COVID-19 Pandemic

financial health prosperity May 22, 2020

Joy Gypsies TV Interview Janine Bolon, Financial First Responder and Money Mystic

Recorded May 15, 2020 - Uploaded May 22, 2020

If you're wondering how to survive the pandemic, financially, spiritually and maybe both at the same time, you're in for a treat! Janine Bolon is no ordinary mystic, scientist, or financial guru. She's a Money Mystic and Financial First Responder, out to help you not just survive but thrive, giving your gifts to the world, while being financially healthy too.

This is our first interview with Janine, and she'll be a regular featured guest on our channel. She's a good friend of ours, our spiritual colleague, and a scholar that successfully found Truth from her inner & outer landscapes. Being a practical mystic, she guides others to financial stability & freedom, including us Joy Gypsies!

Watch the interview on our YouTube channel, Joy Gypsies TV here:

Just for being part of the Joy Gypsies community, you can access her special offers for Joy Gypsies at:

Please also check out Janine's very useful "3 Minute Money Tips" on her YouTube channel, Financial First-Response. Like. Share. Subscribe!

NOTE: We endorse Janine Bolon for her big heart, her expertise, and her products and services. However, we do not receive any compensation for promoting or endorsing her. In other words, this video is NOT a paid promotion. We think you'll benefit from what she offers, just like we do.

More About Janine Bolon

Janine "Dancing Crow" Bolon is a Sacred Clown, Shaman, Bell Dancer and First Chakra Healer. She was initiated into the ThunderClan after being struck by lightning at the age of eight. After spending 20+ years working with an enlightened Hindu Guru and the Native American Grandmothers and Grandfathers, She provides shamanistic & spiritual healing for Relationships, Wealth and Life Path Transformations. Bring your intentions for the life changes you wish to share with others and she will guide you in creating blog posts, books, online courses and schools.

Janine is a testament to the power of perseverance. As an impoverished teenager in rural Missouri, she launched several successful businesses before putting herself through the University of Missouri biochemistry program by working three jobs at once and selling all her possessions. She worked for 15 years in academic and industrial research laboratories before spending the next 20 years raising a brood of four active spawn. In the past two decades, Janine has completed her M.A. in Education, home-schools the herd, started another entrepreneurial venture (The8Gates, LLC., a firm dedicated to teaching fundamental principles of spiritual and financial independence), has written seven books on the topic and teaches math and metaphysics in her spare time. Janine’s new book coming out in September 2018, ​Finding the Divine: A Glimpse into the Realm of God,​ describing the training and ceremonies that allow her to teach the principles of ​The8Gates​ with integrity and humor. 

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