Where did the Joy Gypsies go? We're right here. We're Positively H.U.B. about Humans Undergoing Breakthrough!
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New Possibilities. New Perspectives. New Insights on the Sky's Limits.

Welcome to your new hub for breakthroughs in your Health, Relationships, Prosperity and Impact. We Joy Gypsies are rebranding to make it very clear: We are #PositivelyHUB about #HumansUndergoingBreakthrough — especially you!

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Start by clicking an image below. You may be surprised at what holistic, multidisciplinary resources and tools can do for your success, health and happiness. (Pardon the dust. Clickable links coming soon.)

Leverage your mind-body connection with your habits, mindset and practices for better health and greater well-being in your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Your relationships can work so much better when you have mindset, skills, practices and insights from these 12 areas. 

Transform your mindset from lack to prosperity. Level up your financial literacy. Succeed in your job and/or your business. Get resources to go farther.

When you get that you matter and you really can make a difference, you can get serious about increasing your impact and influence.

Feel More Free, Powerful and Fulfilled in Your Life, Work and Relationships Starting Now


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Jackie is a professional member of the American Anthropological Association, Society for Applied Anthropology, American Hypnosis Association and Hypnotherapists Union Local 472. Click on a logo to learn more about that organization.

Jackie is also vetted and listed by Psychology Today Therapy Directory and Heal.Me. Click on a logo to visit Jackie's listing.

And We Mean Business.

Literally and figuratively, to help you prosper. We're chapter organizers for the Collaborative Business Alliance and members of the Happy Neighborhood Project and the Happy CoOp. Click on a logo to learn more.


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