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Transformational Moment on SLEEP

coronavirus covid-19 immune system sleep transformational moment May 13, 2020

Transformational Moment on SLEEP

Let's bust some cultural myths around sleep! Getting enough good sleep is smart and boosts your immune system.

Why does our culture treat lack of sleep as a badge of honor?? Let's ditch that idea because the truth is, we all deserve a good night's sleep!

In this Transformational Moment with Joy Gypsy, Jackie Ambrow, C.Ht., M.A., you'll discover the myth that lack of sleep proves you are enough and the power you have to change the culture around getting enough sleep. In this time of global pandemic, sleep is more important than ever to your healthy immune system.

Transform your relationship with sleep, and you'll give everyone around you permission to do the same.

Watch the YouTube video by clicking here. 

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