Solve the Puzzle of Achieving Your Dreams

Get¬†your free gift‚ÄĒa very helpful book by¬†our mentor Dr. Robert A. Needham, Solving the Puzzle of Owning a Franchise. ¬†

Don't let the title fool you. It's not just a book about owning a franchise.

This book is about achieving your dreams. 

It's also decades of wisdom gathered from a lifetime of helping people succeed in business and in life. 

This one book can help you retrain your brain around money myths and dream stoppers so you can finally build wealth and make your dreams your reality.

How much money will it take for you to achieve your dreams? How much time? If you have both money and time, what's stopping you?

The Dream Equation in this book will help you figure that out. It's just one of the gems in this book.

Whatever your dream, making it come true probably would be easier with more money. Or at least an abundant mindset and a practical plan for achieving it. 

Wherever you are in your dream journey, you can retrain your brain around money, wealth, time and energy for more success.


Dr. Needham is a business and franchising industry expert, economic thought leader, author of 23 books, and former rocket scientist who brings things down to earth for achieving dreams and creating wealth. He wants you to read this book and achieve your dreams. And so do we. 

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About The Author

Robert A. Needham, JD, PhD (in Business Administration) has been a business and franchise developer for over 30 years. He is president and CEO of SPECTRUM Advanced Markets, Inc. and Founder and CEO of Collaborative Franchise Systems, LLC (CFS). He is a veteran Officer of the USAF, serving with NASA and Unified Space Command on 14 space shuttle ascent missions. 

Dr. Needham has published 23¬†books including Collaborative Commonwealth (Amazon) and Escaping Economic Slavery (Amazon). He has been featured in industry articles, radio interviews, and television shows as a franchise industry expert, innovator, economist, thought leader and developer of¬†Sharing Capitalism‚ĄĘ.

Dr. Needham has served in all sides of the franchise equation, as: franchisor, franchisee, franchise developer and industry advisor and consultant. He has advised the development of over 350 franchise brands and brokered 1,000+ franchise sales in his career. Now he is bringing new innovations to the franchise industry in collaboration with subject matter experts from every sector.

Dr. Needham excels at teaching people how to achieve their dreams and build wealth through strategic business ownership.

This book is available for free download on our website with the express permission of its author, Dr. Robert A. Needham, our mentor. 

Visit Dr. Needham at Collaborative Franchise Systems

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Book cover of Solving the Puzzle of Owning a Franchise: Stop Renting Your Life and Start Owning It Instead! by Robert A. Needham, JD, PhD

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