"Which is Tool is Right for Me?"

  • Hypnosis¬† - or -

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, "Tapping")

I'm glad you asked. 

How Does My Free Initial Consultation Work?

Hypnosis or EFT? 

As part of Hypnotherapy, both Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique work fast to help you get long-lasting results* for more success, health and happiness. 

"Different strokes for different folks," as they say!  Everybody's different. For some people, one technique is better for them, and for others, both techniques work well, and for yet others, it depends on the goal or issue. 

Which tool is right for you?  Learn more below about how Hypnosis and EFT can help you maximize your success. 

* Medical and mental health issues may require a Healthcare Referral from a licensed provider.  Download your Healthcare Referral Request form and instructions here.

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Free Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) 

You can free yourself from negative emotions, change your habits, and improve your health and happiness by getting expert help with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

EFT or "Tapping" works by tapping on acupressure points on the meridians of the body while repeating certain statements to help "rewire the brain". Tapping restores the energetic system of the body and mind, much like making sure you put the batteries back in your flashlight or other device the right way. 

As your Advanced EFT Practitioner, I guide you through an inquiry process to see what your mind and body believe about what's keeping you stuck.

In your personal session, we give the part of your mind that is trying to protect you a voice so that your mind and body can let go of any stuck thoughts, feelings and unbalanced energies. You'll feel a wonderful sense of release, relief and freedom as you let those things go. 

  • EFT Sessions take typically 60 to 90 minutes and you can do them by phone or secure video chat (through Zoom.us or Apple's FaceTime). 
  • Unlike hypnosis, results from EFT sessions do not require reinforcement and therefore are not recorded.
  • EFT does not require you to be in a hypnotic state and yet it's very effective at reaching the subconscious mind! 
  • EFT sessions are part of my Hypnotherapy practice, so they are also covered under Health Savings Accounts. 
  • You can request a Free Initial Consultation with no risk or further obligation and try EFT for yourself! 
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Reset Your "Auto-Pilot" with the Power of Hypnosis

If you've been trying to change and just can't make it work, there's a good chance that a part of your mind is simply holding you back! There's no better time than now to get your mind fully on board to help you get the results you want and need. 

You can take charge of your thoughts, feelings, behavior, success, health and relationships through Hypnotherapy. 

We'll work together with your mind to help you "reprogram" those little loops that your mind has used to protect you. You can "tweak" your automatic programming to spiral you up to more success, health and happiness in every area of your life. 

If you've tried traditional talk therapy alone, you know it can take weeks, months and even years to make progress.  Hypnotherapy works faster because you're reaching the seat of all automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviors—the subconscious mind. Talking alone works with the just the conscious mind and waits for the ideas to "trickle down" in hopes of changing the way you think, feel and behave. 

When you're ready to try a faster, really effective way to get where you want to go, I'm your gal. I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist with over a dozen years of success with clients just like you. 

  • Your first paid session is typically 2 hours (up to 2.5) because we have a lot to cover.  Subsequent sessions typically are 90 minutes. That's double the typical time for a traditional talk therapy session.
  • You'll get to download the MP3 recording of the hypnosis we did in your session for reinforcement and for your personal library (with a few exceptions you'll know about in advance).  
  • Just like EFT, you can request a Free Initial Consultation with no risk or further obligation and try Hypnotherapy with me for yourself! 
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