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You must agree to our Terms of Service before your first session, whether it's a paid session or a Free Initial Hypnotherapy Consultation.  There is no obligation to continue with paid sessions. 

You'll give electronic consent to the Terms of Service at the end of the Online Intake in Step 3.  

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View the web version of our Terms of Service here or click the button below to download a printer-friendly PDF. 

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Download My Biography and Training 

You deserve to feel confident in your choice to work with me. Whether your goals are in your health, wealth, relationships or impact, you'll benefit from my holistic approach and expertise as an: 

  • Applied Anthropologist¬†with practical insights into human beings¬†so you can understand, predict and manage being a human among other humans.¬†
  • Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced EFT Practitioner with 13+ specialty certifications to help you change your thoughts, your feelings and your behavior to accomplish your goals.
  • Certified Franchise Advisor¬†and Business Consultant ready to help you thrive and build your wealth so you can achieve your dreams.
Download Jackie Ambrow's Biography and Training
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(if needed)

When you complete your Step 3: Online Intake below, you may find out that your goal may require a Healthcare Referral from a Licensed Provider.  If you do, please click the button below. 

Not sure whether you need a Healthcare Referral? Please Contact Us. 

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