Lose Weight From Within

Love Yourself More and

Say Goodbye to Excess Weight for Good.

Is this you?

Maybe you've tried everything they've told you about changing your diet and exercising more, only to find yourself on the diet-and-exercise yo-yo.

Maybe you've felt like you were having to give up every comfort that has kept your stress and anxiety at bay just to lose some weight and gain it back again.

Maybe you've even considered—or had—surgery to lose the weight.  (If so, how did that work out for you in the long term?)

Maybe you've even given up.

You're not alone. 

I get it. 

I gave up myself for many years.

I used to weigh somewhere between 304 and 350 pounds.
I don't know for sure because my scale didn't go above 304 and I was too ashamed to let the doctor's office weigh me.
That was me in 2010 somewhere between 300 and 350 pounds.
This is me now, and I'm happily maintaining my weight!
My best guess is that 

I have lost over 100 pounds. 


By doing Weight Loss Hypnosis with my private hypnotherapy clients. 
In January 2011, I became an American Hypnosis Association

Certified Specialist in Weight Loss Hypnosis

Almost without trying, I found myself also

losing weight

right along with my clients and then being able to

happily maintain it

just like them.
Over a decade later, through thick and thin (pardon the awful pun),

I am still happily maintaining!

I no longer worry about gaining weight or not getting to enjoy eating.
I'm a proud "foodie."  I enjoy eating differently now and

I Feel Good How I Eat.

While I could stand to lose some more excess weight, I am at a much better weight for me than I was at 300-350 pounds. 

If I Can Do It,

You Can Do It Too. 

Let me show you how. 

I'm Jackie Ambrow, MA, CHt, your Certified Specialist in Weight Loss Hypnosis. 

I want you to succeed and feel good doing it.

I am free, I am unlimited; there are no chains that bind me. I am free, I am unlimited, right now, right now!
Lose Weight From Within - 8 Weeks to Loving Away Your Extra Weight and Never Diet Again

You Deserve to Feel Good About Yourself, Your Weight, and Your Life

Based on my 11+ years of success helping clients just like you, I've designed

Lose Weight From Within: 8 Weeks to Loving Away Your Extra Weight and Never Diet Again

You too can love away your excess weight. 

Begin with this 8-week program. 

Choose what's best for you from the 5 different program options down below.

To achieve your goal, I strongly recommend that you continue with Weight Loss Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique, either privately or in our groups until you reach your goal weight. 

But first things first! 

You need to get started. 

Five Program Options

Start your journey with one of these 8-Week Programs.

Click the option that's right for you. 

A Hypnotherapy Intake is required to participate.  Click here to Get Ready in 5 Easy Steps

Both for your well-being and for our professional ethics, a Healthcare Referral from a Licensed Provider may be required.  When it is, we make it as simple and easy as possible. You can download what you need for a Healthcare Referral here

Not sure about all this?  Do this first:  
Get Your Free Initial Hypnotherapy Consultation

Private, Customized Hypnotherapy

Simply the best way to maximize your weight loss success. 

Build your foundation with 8 weeks of Lose Weight From Within, customized to you, and continue with Private Hypnotherapy with Jackie until you achieve each of your goals for weight loss and ???

Click for Pricing

Lose Weight From Within + Personalized Coaching 

Start your journey to losing weight and happily maintaining it with the strong foundation you'll get in Lose Weight From Within. 

Be empowered by 8 Weekly Personalized Coaching Calls with Jackie to help keep you on track and briefly address any obstacles to your success. 

Single Payment of $427

Lose Weight From Within + Personalized Coaching

When you still want more individual attention and you need a more affordable option, you can choose two monthly payments for Lose Weight From Within and still get your 8 Weekly Personalized Coaching Calls with Jackie to help keep you on track and briefly address any obstacles to your success

Two Monthly Payments of $220

DIY to Lose Weight and Save

Lose Weight From Within 8-week online course only with support in the Comments area of each module. (No Personalized Coaching Calls.)

Get on the Self-Starters, Do-It-Yourself plan for a

Single Payment of $197

Saver's DIY Lose Weight From Within Plan -  2 Monthly Payments of $99

DIY and Save Your Budget

Lowest Price Option!

Lose Weight From Within 8-week online course only with support in the Comments area of each module. (No Personalized Coaching Calls.)

Splurge on your future health and happiness with

Two Monthly Payments of $99

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Nothing on this website or in the services we provide should be construed as giving you medical, mental health, or legal advice. 

Hypnotherapy's scope of practice includes vocational and avocational goals and self-improvement.  Goals and issues that relate to or involve a medical, mental health, or dental condition or concern require a written referral from a licensed provider. You can download a Healthcare Referral Request document here

If you have a medical, mental health, dental or legal condition or concern, we strongly advise you to seek a licensed professional to assist you. 

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